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Story #129: Dear London,

Story #129: Dear London,

oh!Dear!Cheerios!Hey mates!See ya!Sorry!

Words that sound like music to my ears, when i hear them straight from the source! i have been twice to London, yet i don't think i will ever grow out of it-on the contrary, every time i return i wish i could stay ther 4ever-trully, madly, deeply.

Because London is so cool.
So Chic. 
So Whimsical!

 And it has given me so much food for thought and some of the very most perfect images i can recall in my life so far (well maybe Rome, Florence and Pilio in Greece have too). Not to mention some shopping therapy too, my heart literally aches when i remember Oxford Street or Covent Garden...

So here is a teeny- tiny part of what i saw, tasted and kept in my heart from a sweet week in October in London. If i could 'eat' these memories they would sum up in a small perfect piece of applepie in a small cafe in Covent Garden.

Please dears, be my guest and take a look!


CWL by Themelina 

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