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Story #138: The Little Black Jacket

Story #138: The Little Black Jacket


I do believe in some statement pieces, basic clothes a woman should have in her closet, no matter her age, style or economical background. One of these is the all time classic Little Black Jacket.

In fact i believe that every woman should have 3 basic Little Black Jackets: one Chanel-esque type, one man-tailored strict androguny (preferably a shabby one, not very tight or for the more bold ones, one size bigger proves ultra chic and cool)  and a leather one. With these three pieces be absolutely sure you will always be chic, classy, stylish and modern all at once either by wearing them with a simple white tee or with your best silk blouse or with over 100 different ways. Of course there are plenty of proposals in the shops and on the internet which means that you can actually purchase one without having to spend a small fortune, as long as it suits you well and help you bring your inner beauty out to the rest of the world!

Here are some of my favourite inspirational pictures and the magic video that Chanel prepared for this magic piece of cloth- watch it here!

Njoy !!
ChicWith Luv by Themelina

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